One greyhound, one Galgo, and a passion to create premium quality collars made to last are the heart of my business

My goal is to be able to provide great collars at an excellent cost!

I wasn't intending on doing this. Really I wasn't. This all started by making simple ID collars for my greyhound after he made the great escape out of our back yard. Things have really changed since then (including a major sewing machine upgrade) but I'm so glad this career has come my way. Yep, that's right. I'm a career collar girl.

I like to source high-quality fabrics such as cotton, corduroy, and other mixed materials in order make unique designs for your furry friend. But I realize that a collar is more than just a pretty pattern, it's a piece of safety equipment...that's why my collars aren't just "pretty", there is a lot of care and quality control that goes into the handcrafting of each and every collar, from the webbings to the hardwares to the thread and process of stitching. It's all as important as the patterns the collar bares. Because a collar is no good if it falls apart!

*Please note, that although all care and concern is taken while creating our collars to ensure strong, reliable stitching, the buyer is ultimately responsible for the inspection of the collar prior to each use to determine suitability. Items can become ripped or torn at the seams from things such as one misplaced toenail while scratching*

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